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Velox Barchitta

An entire range to best suit your production needs.


Small, multi-purpose glasswasher, dishwasher and utensil washer, also for under-the-counter installation.


The MINI series has been designed by Velox Barchitta to solve the problem of washing in small spaces, like with under-the-counter installations or in small kitchens. With MINI, you can wash glasses, flatware, trays and much more.


Fixed basket, multi-purpose washing systems in various sizes, suitable for all food and production sectors:

  • Granule and rotating baskets washing systems for moulds, pans, pots, etc.
  • Granule washing system for Grana Padana cheese moulds

LV Series

The smallest utensil washer with large washing capacities, for ice cream cups and vats, crates, pans, moulds, plates and glasses..

LP Series

The LP Series is Velox’s standard utensil washing system. The choice of materials, the washing systems and the absence of plastic components makes this a high quality, sturdy product.

LCF Series

The LCF Series machines are oversized. There are in fact are no equivalent models for this product category on the market. LCF washing systems can be used in all production sectors where crates, moulds, pans, knives, workroom utensils, pallets, pallet boxes and Europa tubs need to be washed.

B Series

Thanks to its innovative PET plastic granulate washing system, B Series models guarantee a remarkable increase in the abrasive action of pressurised water, capable of eliminating any kind of dirt and encrustation.

BS Series

The BS Series combines the innovative Velox granule washing system with an rotating internal basket, ensuring the elimination of any kind of dirt on ham moulds, and cooking and bakery pans, including silicones.

LT Series

The smallest Velox 60×40 pan washer with great washing capabilities.


Cabinet washing systems for trolleys, pans, crates, pallets, foodstuffs, etc. for large washing volumes.

BF Series

BF Series models solve all washing problems in a single machine. Designed for washing trolleys, crates, pallets, moulds and production equipment, all models in this series are available in an electric or steam version.

BFF Series

Rotating side arm washing systems in the BFF Series are ideal for washing bulky materials or large quantities of production equipment by means of the special trolleys.

BFRB Series

A central characteristic of BFRB Series models is its 360° rotating washing system on the horizontal axis, guaranteeing accurate washing in less time and with less water and energy consumption.

BFRV Series

Designed for the simultaneous washing of two Europa wheeled containers. The BFRV Series has distinguished itself through its innovative automatic loading and unloading system which, coupled with the 360° rotating washing system, ensures accurate, quick washing with very low water and energy consumption.


Tunnel washing systems in standard versions or with openable roof, from small to large washing capacity, can also be inserted into lines.

BC Series

The BC Series rack type conveying washing systems are the smallest tunnel washing solution for crates, pans, trays and workroom equipment.

BN Series

The BN Series continuous tunnel washing systems are ideal for all production sectors, wherever crates, pans and workroom equipment need to be washed. All tunnels are available in standard version or in 4K version, completed with a blowing system and roof loading for use by a single operator.

LCT Series

The LCT series continuous tunnel washing systems guarantee washing capacity from 400 to 1,200 crates per hour. Available in three different useful length sizes, these can be equipped with standard or motorised blowing and drying.

LCT A Series

The LCT A series continuous tunnel washing systems guarantee washing capacity from 600 to 5,000 crates per hour. Available in different useful width length sizes. Thanks to the innovative “wing” roof opening system, it is possible to access the various washing and drying units directly, greatly facilitating personnel in all cleaning operations.

BLF Series

The BLF Series washing systems are used to wash cheese shapes from 80 to 350 mm diameter, with lateral surface dimensions of the same size. High pressure washing from 20 to 200 bar is carried out with clean water only to prevent any risks of product contamination.


Streamlining systems for cutlery washing, transport, disinfection and storage.

AR Series

Equipped with high performance UV lamps, the AR Series has been designed for the treatment and storage of cutlery, gloves, aprons and processing equipment.

BLC Series

Pre-set for water draining at each washing cycle, the integrated BLC Series systems combine a dual chemical disinfection (hydrogen peroxide – H2O2) and heat treatment.

VSC Series

VSC Series models are designed for the direct insertion of CPC Series knife holders. Complete immersion of the knife in hot water (85°), including the handle, ensures effective sterilisation of the parts most exposed to contamination.

CPC Series

CPC Series cutlery handling systems are the best solutions for compliance with HACCP standards and safety regulations.